Workflow of this wiki

Author: Kimmy

WARNING: This page is deprecated and out of date

The normal way of create a new wiki item is just add a new CNMD page, and then publish, it will be accessible from anywhere of this wiki using the cross-notation reference.

But for more complicated items, it may belongs to some specific category, like, an article, or a source code snippet. I use folders as categories, and then can using folder name as the namespace for all items in that category, and document under that folder will be the index of the category.

Also I've created a utility script to complete the workflow.

e.g. if you want to create a new category:

./wiki new category entity

then you trying to add item into that category:

./wiki new entity "Wiki Item"

then go to ./cnmd/entity/Wiki edit the content.

All detailed code is in wiki script of kenpusney/wiki repository.

./wiki program reference

You can put following code into .git/hooks/pre-commit to automatially hasing and indexing:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

./wiki index
./wiki hash

git add *.json
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