McKinsey - Ecosystem 2.0: Climbing to the next level

Author: Kimmy

After a first wave of trials, incumbents are shaking up value chains to attract new ecosystem customers—and tap potentially huge pools of value.




To participate successfully in ecosystems, traditional companies must often change the way they think about customers.




There is a path for established players to use ecosystems to level the playing field. This path has been opened up by tools that give companies better insight into customers and market niches, allowing them to personalize products as never before.

Ecosystem 1.0 的教训

Lesson 1: Go deep or go home 要么深入,要么滚蛋


Lesson 2: Move strategically, not conveniently 战略性地行动,而不是便捷地行动

不要做一些乱七八糟的小动作来尝试达成效果,而是应该抓住影响客户体验的关键价值主张(value proposition)。

Lesson 3: Partner with vision

Lesson 4: Clear the path to impact

Ecosystem 2.0 原则

Ecosystem 2.0 实战

Mastering control points 掌握控制点

In theory, participating successfully in ecosystems can sound like a high-wire act. In practice, it may not feel as daunting.

Reworking the value chain 重建价值链

From vertical to horizontal 从纵向到横向

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