McKinsey - Tech debt: Reclaiming tech equity

Author: Kimmy

“By reinventing our debt management, we went from 75 percent of engineer time paying the [tech debt] ‘tax’ to 25 percent. It allowed us to be who we are today.” —— Former CIO, major cloud provider

Tech Debt Trends
◎ Tech Debt Trends

What is tech debt

Tech-debt principal accounts for up to 40 percent of IT balance sheets, while most companies pay more than 10 percent interest on projects.

What derives tech dept

How to tackle tech debt

  1. Start with a shared definition of tech debt
  2. Treat tech debt as a business issue, not a technology problem
  3. Create transparency to value the debt position
  4. Formalize the decision-making process
  5. Dedicate resources to tackling tech debt
  6. Avoid a big-bang approach to writing down all tech debt
  7. Determine which area are "bankrupt" and explore shifting them to a greenfield stack
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